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There’s really nothing better than a good shower. Whether it’s at the beginning of the day or at the end, after a workout or before a function, a shower is refreshing, relaxing, and reinvigorating.

With that said, a shower is one of the most subjective experiences in the world. Some people like a light, gentle shower with big drops, while other people want a deluge of hot pounding water.

The right shower head can give you exactly what you want in a shower. But how do you know which one is the perfect fit? It’s hard enough to navigate the marketplace, just due to the sheer number of shower heads available.

Now it’s even more confusing, as water consumption guidelines change. How do you find a shower head that’ll save you water without compromising your shower experience?

We get it. We’re consumers like you, who want an easy way to sort out the options for a great showerhead without going to plumbing school.

That’s why we decided to start this site! We created it with the sole purpose of making your shower experience better without wasting your time or money on substandard shower equipment.

We’ve gone in search of the best shower heads on the market, from low-flow water savers to extra-wide rain shower heads. We’ve looked at dozens and dozens of shower heads, from major brands to off-brands, to web-exclusives from off-off-brands.

After comparing product features and specs, we read expert reviews, guidelines, and most importantly, pored over reviews from other homeowners who have actually used each showerhead.

We’ve consolidated all this information into a few buying guides to help you narrow down your search for the best shower head for you and your home.

We’ve got guides to the best handheld showerheads, multifunction shower heads, rain shower heads, and more! We’ve also got you covered for the new water conservation guidelines, with recommendations for the best low-flow shower heads to save water without cutting back on the shower experience.

In our buying guides, you’ll find helpful, concise info on which shower heads will work best for your home water pressure, your personal preferences. and existing shower fittings. Each guide also has a few tips for shopping for each particular type of shower head.

We’ve put the extra time in to do thorough research on each shower head–so you don’t have to!

To see our overall favorite shower heads, check out our main page.