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A bathroom faucet is one of the most personal plumbing fixtures in your house. It’s what you see when you brush your teeth at night, it’s how you’ll wash your face in the morning–whatever your personal routine might be, the bathroom faucet is where it all happens!

There are lots of directions you can go in with these fixtures, but the design you choose can set the tone for the whole bathroom. So, it’s important to choose wisely! There are hundreds to choose from these days.

We’ve chosen faucets that both look great and work well. They’re reliable, functional, and efficient. Any one of our recommendations will save you water over an older model, and we’ve chosen a wide range of looks so you can suit your own personal style.

Here are just a few of our favorites:




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least expensive excellent fixture
premium bathroom faucet
Peerless ClassicAmerican StandardDelta Cassidy
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What makes a great bathroom faucet?

  • great lookspremium bathroom faucet
  • a user-friendly, ADA-compliant design
  • water-saving flow rates
  • strong pressure or gentle flow, depending on your tastes
  • reliable, durable construction that won’t spring a leak or feel chintzy to use

Now that we know what we’re looking for, let’s have a look at all the models that we think make the grade!

Best Bathroom Faucet Reviews:

1. Peerless Classic

timeless single knob faucet

The Peerless Classic is a total standby in the bathroom fixture world. It’s simple, sturdy, and it gets the job done for a very low price. We think this is the lowest you can go for something that works well and stands up to use! Plus, it looks pretty great for something so inexpensive.


It’s extremely inexpensive. It’s a great choice for people on a tight budget, or new home buyers who need to make a fixer-upper work while they plan the big renovations!

While it’s not the most elegant piece you’ll ever see, it looks nice in a way that works with lots of different decor styles. The chrome finish is bright without looking tacky, and the whole thing is nice and compact, so it doesn’t draw too much attention.

It’s one of the only chrome-finish fixtures we recommend. Normally, chrome is a code word for “crappy plastic that chips”, but in this case, it’s very serviceable. The body of the faucet is still plastic, but it feels reassuringly heavy, and the outer finish is very hard.

Reviewers noticed the difference, too. They said this was a surprisingly well-made faucet, especially for the price. Most said that it was nice not to have to feel like they were cheaping out by purchasing a plastic unit that felt so sturdy!

The states of California and Vermont have the strictest lead standards in the country, and the Peerless meets them!

It’s ADA-compliant.

At 1.5 GPM, it has a relatively low flow rate, which means it meets water restrictions anywhere in the country. There’s also an aerator built in to supplement your water pressure. It saves you water without sacrificing the flow! The low-flow design qualifies as Water Sense compliant.

Even though it’s one of the cheapest fixtures on the market, it’s covered by a lifetime warranty on both the hardware and the outer finish.


There’s no getting away from the fact that this is a plastic faucet. While it works and feels better than other chrome-plated options, it’s still no comparison to a real metal fixture. We think that if you can afford to spend a bit more for an all-metal model, you should.

You can see some of the plastic on the front throat of the faucet, too. It’s fairly inconspicuous, but it’s an odd design choice: a grey plastic panel in an all-chrome faucet.

Aside from us being sticklers about plastic parts, there’s really nothing to complain about with this fixture. Reviewers were overwhelmingly positive in talking about it, and people who bought it were very satisfied with the value for money.

2. American Standard

least expensive excellent fixture

The American Standard is our least expensive all-metal option. It’s an excellent fixture for people who like simple but elegant designs: it’s all curves, with a clean satin nickel finish. We like that it has rugged, reliable build quality on the outside and the inside, which isn’t usually the case at this pricepoint. With a drain included as well, it’s a great value!


It’s all-metal. The housing, lever, and inner waterway are all made from solid brass. Even though we like the Peerless, there’s just no comparison between that model and this American Standard. It feels incredibly sturdy and reassuring, as you’d expect from an all-metal fixture.

There’s a ceramic valve on the inside. Ceramic valves are the thing to have when it comes to the inner workings of your faucet, and they’re a rarity at this price! They last much longer than valves made from other materials, and they’re much less prone to leaks.

Overall, we’re impressed with the level of care American Standard have taken on the inside as well as the outside. Most inexpensive “all-metal” fixtures are only metal on the outside, with plastic on the inside. This one is metal through and through.

Previous buyers were very pleased with the build quality. They said the action felt smooth and solid, and complemented the overall construction compared to other fixtures around this price point.

Unlike the Peerless, the American Standard comes with a drain included. It’s a one-piece drop-in assembly that you can get installed without any tools, putty, or other accessories. It’s all stainless steel, too, which is just another sign of quality. Reviewers said it was incredibly easy to install–even solo!

Most buyers found that both the faucet and the drain fastened into place without leaks, even without needing putty, tape, or any other extras.

It has a 1.5 GPM flow rate, just like the Peerless. The American Standard qualifies for the EPA’s WaterSense program as well. It also has an aerator built in.

It’s ADA-compliant.

There’s an adjustable limited on the faucet, so you can stop the hot water somewhere before it becomes scalding.

It’s backed by a lifetime warranty on both function and finish.


Even though it’s one of the least expensive all-metal fixtures on the market, it’s still three times the price of the Peerless.

Some people might think it looks a bit utilitarian. The pipe does descend from the upper arc at the mouth, which is an interesting choice, but we still think this is a great central fixture that suits a range of decor without being boring.

It gets spotty fairly easily. This sadly isn’t a faucet that’ll go all week without any water marks.

Some people had more trouble than others with the installation. As with any plumbing project, we think that if you’re not 100% confident, it’s a better idea to call a professional than to soldier on alone! A few buyers who did the installation themselves had trouble getting the drain or feed lines to seal properly. The vast majority found it easy enough to do themselves, but you should know your own abilities before you decide how to get up and running!

3. Premier Sanibel

show stopper old fashioned faucet

This Premier is a wonderful throwback to old-fashioned faucets which looked like spigots or fountains. It’s about the same price as the American Standard, but it works much better with rustic and period decor. The Premier is all-metal, finished nicely, and sold with a matching drain in the package. It’s ideal for people looking for a showstopper that won’t break the bank!


The distinctive look is a guaranteed conversation starter at parties, and when you have guests over. This is an excellent choice for someone looking for a centerpiece to their bathroom, since it’s so distinctive. It goes very well with wood textures, tiling, and classic-looking mirrors.

It’s much less expensive than more well-known brand name faucets with a fountain design. This one’s available for close to the same price as the American Standard, which is about half the cost of some of the more “brand name” options.

Like the American Standard, it’s all-metal, made entirely from brass. We’re recommending both the nickel and bronze finishes (stay away from the chrome, though! It’s cheaper for a reason). Both are very sturdy and elegant. The waterway and drain are also made from metal.

Reviewers were very impressed by the sheer weight of these pieces. There’s something very reassuring about a fixture with heft, and this is no exception! They said the action felt smooth and precise, and that the whole fixture felt like a throwback to sturdy plumbing of the past.

It also has a ceramic valve on the inside, like the American Standard. We couldn’t find any complaints about the valve whatsoever, so you know it works well!

It’s ADA-compliant, like the Peerless and American Standard. It also has the same 1.5 GPM flow rate and WaterSense certifications. This one’s also officially marked “lead free,” which is something you always want to check for on a fixture like this, which is made in China!

It’s covered by a lifetime warranty.


This one isn’t a “universal” faucet in terms of aesthetics. It won’t fit into modern spaces, and it’s really suited to homes which are already going for a throwback, rustic, or nostalgic vibe.

You’ll need a pretty wide sink to accommodate the unique flow pattern of this faucet. Due to the fountain design, the water comes forward as well as down, so it could splash too much in very compact sinks. That’s something to be aware of as you shop.

Even though it’s packaged with instructions for home installation, they’re not as clear or easy to follow as those that come with the Peerless or American Standard. Some people found them confusing, and ended up going to a plumber for help.

Like the American Standard, the Premier Sanibel gathers water spots pretty easily.

4. Delta Zella

ceramic valve faucet

This Delta setup is one our favorites for widespread sinks designed for fixtures with two handles. It’s simple, but it’s also very elegant, with swooping curves and some nice ribbing around the edges. It manages to fit in with both classic and contemporary decor, which is why it’s our recommendation to anyone with a two-handled setup to upgrade!


It’s an all-metal fixture with a ceramic valve, just like the American Standard and Peerless. Previous buyers said it felt extremely high-quality, and we couldn’t find any complaints about fit, finish, or durability!

The two-handle design creates a wider profile, and gives you more exact control over the water temperature. It’s excellent for sinks in larger countertops, and for people who are going for a more relaxed layout in the bathroom overall.

We like the high, swooping arc of the central faucet, which gives you lots of clearance, and really suits larger sinks from a visual standpoint. It’s a nice contrast from some of our other recommendations, and it’s one of the larger bathroom faucets we’ve recommended.

The aerator works more quietly than our less expensive recommendations. We don’t count noisy aerators as a real downside, because they’re rarely that obnoxious. The Delta’s is refreshingly quiet, though, which is a nice change. It makes your flow feel fuller at a lower flow rate, all without making a racket!

It includes a matching drain. As with our other recommendations, both the drain and the faucet components are designed to be easy for people to install at home. Three-piece faucets like this one are a bit tricky on the whole, but reviewers said the helpful instructions and intuitive design made it a cinch!

It’s WaterSense (1.5 GPM) and ADA compliant, just like our less expensive recommendations.

It’s made in the USA–a nice step up from the Peerless, American Standard, or Premier, all of which are made in either Mexico or China. You can expect a better standard of quality control and finish on the Delta than our cheaper choices. Plus, it’s always nice to support things that are made in America!

It’s covered by a lifetime warranty.


The drain has some plastic components, which also happen to be bright blue. You probably don’t want to use this on a sink with exposed piping underneath.

It’s fairly expensive for a chrome fixture, but note that it’s made out of real metal.

It doesn’t have any extra finish options. There’s just the chrome option on this model. So, if you’re going for something more muted, you may want to look at one of our other recommendations.

5. Moen Eva

best looking bathroom fixture

This Moen is one of the best-looking bathroom faucets we’ve ever seen. It’s got a very distinctive look which has modern curves with an elegant sensibility and some natural design elements which work with any kind of traditional or rustic decor. If you’re looking for a high-end bathroom fixture that’s elegant without looking formal, this is a winner!


It’s incredibly distinctive. We love the clean, curving lines, and natural elegance of the design. It really looks fantastic, while still blending seamlessly into the rest of your bathroom. We like the natural leaf-like lines, because they seem to sprout out of the countertop, rather than being attached to it.

It’s all-metal, no matter which finish you pick: bronze or nickel (again, steer clear of the chrome). The waterway, faucet body, and drain are all entirely metal as well. There’s a ceramic disc inside, as with the rest of our recommendations. Buyers raved about how heavy-duty it felt, especially the lever motion.

Both finishes are much nicer than any of our less expensive recommendations. They don’t accumulate water spots as easily, and they’re super easy to wipe clean. They’re guaranteed not to have any blemishes, flakes, or stains whatsoever, even in 10 years.

It couldn’t be easier to install, thanks to the single-hole mount. This one also works in practically any application, since it has an optional escutcheon to cover 3-hole countertops, and an optional height extension to clear above-counter sink basins. It’s an extremely versatile design, which makes it easy to get into your bathroom.

It’s nice and simple to use, too, since there’s just one central lever. You get 100 degrees of temperature adjustment, and an action that reviewers found nothing short of superb. They thought it was extremely precise, without requiring much effort to use.

As with our other recommendations, this is meant to be easy to install, even if you’re doing it by yourself. Reviewers said they had no issues getting up and running. You don’t need any extra tools beside the wrench that’s in the box.

It’s ADA and WaterSense compliant, just like our other recommendations. It’s also aerated to compensate for the lower water usage.

As with the Delta we just looked at, this Moen is made in the USA. It has a great track record for quality control, as you’d expect from an American-made fixture.

It’s covered by a lifetime warranty.


It’s quite expensive. This will cost you at least $150. It’s no small purchase for most of us, but thanks to the lifetime warranty, you should never have to make it again. Moen also make a selling point of the faucet’s appearance, which really does work through different trends. You’re not likely to need a replacement at any point.

A few buyers had issues with the rubbed bronze finish. They found some spots wore off, even though it’s guaranteed to be blemish-free. These issues should all be covered by the warranty, and they were very rare. We didn’t see any complaints about the nickel finish.

6. Delta Cassidy

premium bathroom faucet

The Delta Cassidy is our highest-quality recommendation. It’s a premium bathroom faucet in every regard: from the price, to the function, to the feel. It’s made with heavy-duty metal parts, and it has a beautiful design with elegant curves and knobs that feel timeless but traditional. It’s an excellent choice for those who like the simplicity of a single-knob faucet, but want the most refined, premier incarnation of that format!


It looks absolutely fantastic. The Cassidy is more of a traditional, formal piece than the Moen Eva, even though they’re both in the premium range. It has more adornments along its curves, but nothing looks frivolous or tacky. Instead, it reminds us of elegant, Victorian plumbing. It looks just as good on a pedestal as it does next to an antique wooden mirror. So, it’s the ultimate choice for any taste that’s traditional, formal, or rustic (just don’t expect it to be at home in modern, minimalist commodes)!

It’s every bit as well-made as you’d expect it to be for the price. This piece is solid metal, from the piping to the housing, including the drain that’s thrown in with the faucet. It comes in a whole range of finishes, from bronze to nickel, and even the chrome is fantastic! Inside, there’s a ceramic valve, just like our other recommendations.

Previous buyers absolutely raved about how high-end this faucet felt. They loved its heft out of the box, the smoothness of the lever, the tactile quality of the metals, and the complete absence of drips or leaks. We don’t think you can do better in either form or function!

Even though it looks and feels deluxe, it doesn’t waste any water. The Cassidy has an aerated, 1.5 GPM flow rate that feels powerful and full without running up your water usage.

As with every other fixture we’ve recommended in this guide, it’s covered by a lifetime warranty.


It’s the only one of our recommendations that’s not ADA-approved. That’s true of a lot of these more elegant, “designed” faucets like this.

It’s very, very expensive. However, we couldn’t find a single reviewer with buyer’s regret, so this could be one of the best investments you make in your home.

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So, which of these faucets is the best for your bathroom?

The Peerless is the clear choice for people who can’t spend a lot of money. It’s simple, serviceable, and a big step up from other plastic bathroom faucets. However, it’s no match for an all-metal fixture, and it’s probably not something you’d want to make a permanent part of your home.

The American Standard is the least expensive all-metal model in our recommendations, and we think it’s the least you can pay for a truly “great” faucet. If your design taste is simple and practical, it’s a very affordable choice. It might not be as distinctive as our other choices, but it’s very well-made, and it’s priced competitively. It’s great for contemporary decor and simple, modern aesthetics.

The Premier is a much more old-fashioned piece for just about the same price as the American Standard. It has roughly the same build quality, but it’s reminiscent of more old-fashioned fixtures. Choose it to complement rustic, traditional, and period decor. It’s a show-stopper below $100!

The Delta Zella is our choice for folks who are looking for a wide-spread, dual-handle faucet. It’s a graceful, simple piece that’s just as sturdy and reliable as our more compact choices. Perfect for wide countertops!

The Moen Eva is an excellent choice for nearly every taste. It’s elegant but simple, refined but natural, with lovely curves that blend into your countertop and sink without fading into the background. Choose it for its versatility: it works with lots of different aesthetics, and pretty much every sink format!

The Delta Cassidy is our most elegant, refined choice for traditional aesthetics and formal looks. It has the grace and simplicity of the Eva, but with a few more adornments and touches to make it more at home in traditional, rustic, and especially period decor. It’s the best-made of our recommendations, the best-looking, and the best-liked among reviewers who have owned and used it. We don’t think you can do any better for your bathroom!

How to shop for your ideal bathroom faucet:

Think about your overall aesthetic:

Your sink is usually the focal point of your bathroom, so it makes sense to choose a faucet that ties everything together. Think about whether you’re going for a modern, minimalist look, or an elegant, traditional look–or something in between. Look at the lines on your faucet, the curves, and the handles. Make sure everything will complement the rest of your decor, and match your other fixtures, like the shower head and the toilet!

Know how many holes and handles you’re looking for:

Before you start shopping, you should figure out your requirements and preferences for the holes and handles on your faucet.

The holes on a faucet refer to how many holes will be cut in the countertop. For instance, a faucet with two handles set apart from the spout will have three holes. Shopping for something that matches your current setup is the easiest approach. Ask your plumber if you’re not sure what you need!

There are ways to work around the number of holes on your sink, but only in one direction. If you have three holes, for instance, and want to use a single-hole fixture, you can fit a plate called an “escutcheon” over the counter to mask those extra holes. However, if you have only one hole cut in the countertop, you won’t be able to use a three-hole faucet without having more cut.

Handles are more of a personal preference than a requirement, though if you have a wide-set faucet already, you may find it easiest to go with another two-handle faucet. In general, two-handle faucets give you more precise control over temperature. Single-handled faucets take a bit more wiggling to get just right. It’s mainly a personal preference, though.

Look for all-metal fixtures with ceramic disc valves:

Your faucet should be built to last! That’s why we look for all-metal fixtures, instead of painted plastic pieces. You can always feel cheapness through the paintwork, and plastics will crack, flake, or leak much more quickly than real metal plumbing fixtures. Look for all-metal construction on the inside and out, with a ceramic disc valve at the core. Ceramic valves last much, much longer than plastic or other materials, and they’re more precise. That means fewer leaks and a cleaner action.

We generally avoid chrome finishes, because “chrome” is usually a fancy way of saying “plastic covered in shiny paint.” Very few chrome fixtures work well, and they tend to flake, crack, or leak like crazy. We’ve included a couple of chrome options here, but only because they’re made from solid brass. If you’re set on a chrome finish, double check that it’s still made entirely from metal. If it’s significantly cheaper than the other finish options, chances are it’s not!

Buy WaterSense-certified fixtures:

Any fixture installed these days should be water conscious, even if it’s not specifically a low-flow design. With more and more areas under pressure from drought, water quality issues, and other concerns, it’s on all of us to make sure we’re not wasting water. Your bathroom faucet should give you plenty of pressure to make hand washing easy, without running up your water bill. WaterSense is a program run by the EPA, which certifies that a given plumbing fixture will save at least 1/3 the water of a standard fixture. All our recommendations are WaterSense certified, which means they’re approved for use in California and other states with more severe water restrictions. Don’t think that the low usage rates will affect your experience, though! We’ve been careful to choose faucets with aerators to help compensate the flow.

Expect lifetime warranties:

We don’t think anybody should be buying fixtures that don’t come with a lifetime warranty–period! It’s something you should be sure to look for with any faucet, especially something that will be used as often as your bathroom faucet!

What’s next?

We hope you’ve found your perfect bathroom faucet in this guide! If you think you have, all you need to do is click on its picture to find more details and check prices on Amazon! Or, click through to Amazon to check out more best-selling bathroom faucets.

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