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Handheld shower heads give you added flexibility in the bath. They use long hoses and flexible joints to give you extra reach and mobility for washing and rinsing. They are especially convenient for washing pets and cleaning the tub. They also make showering easier for children and elderly people.

We looked at lots of handheld options and compared them by price, function, durability, and user satisfaction. We’ve weeded out all the so-so models and come up with a list of high-quality options we think you’ll love.

Below, you’ll find full reviews of the best handheld shower heads. They’re ordered by price. We’ve broken down the important features, and included important details about what online reviewers are saying about these models.

Take a look at our top three choices:

high sierra
dark gray showerhead
KES LP150 Bathroom Handheld Shower
High SierraDeltaKES LP Handheld
Our Rating: 4.7
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Our Rating: 4.8
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Our Rating: 4.7
Popularity: Low
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Many companies make their own models of handheld shower heads. There are handheld units ranging from $10-$300 available online. Some are sold by themselves, and some are sold as part of a system, and include a hose, holding bracket, and other accessories.

When you’re shopping for a new product online, the variety can be pretty overwhelming. There are any number of heads from major brands, and there are also dozens of off-brand options available. Which ones are really worth your money?

Best Handheld Shower Head Reviews

  • ANCHEERHigh Sierra's Solid Metal Low Flow Handheld Shower Head Kit
  • Yakult
  • KES LP 150
  • High Sierra
  • Hansgrohe RainDance AllRounder
  • Delta Universal


ANCHEER AN-SH002 4-way Rainfall

This AquaDance shower head is one of the most popular on the market these days. It’s actually Amazon’s top-selling model at the time of writing. That’s an impressive feat for something that looks like generic crap from China!

While the AquaDance is definitely a budget fixture, it’s simple, straightforward, and a lot more reliable than you’d expect for the price. We suggest it to anyone who wants a handheld shower head without shelling out for more than a tank of gas.


It’s very simple to install. Most reviewers said it took them less than 10 minutes to get up and running.

The chrome finish options are made from ABS plastics. The handles are ergonomically designed, and include rubber grips. Reviewers were impressed by the overall build quality, especially for the price. They said that while they were suspicious of the light weight components at first, the leak-free installation and operation convinced them otherwise!

There are 6 different spray settings. One is a rainfall mode, which can work for gentle rinsing or an overhead use. There’s also an intense “super turbo” for rinsing hair or washing the tub. A combination mode provides a wide rain shower with added oomph.

What’s particularly impressive to us is that the AquaDance manages to pack such a range of features and settings without being delicate. Most fixtures that try to do this much at such a low price point end up falling apart practically immediately. Not this one!

All of the settings are designed to reduce water usage. There’s a built-in water restrictor, which limits flow to 2.5 GPM.

It’s extremely affordable. You can get one of these for less than you’d pay for a tank of gas.


Plastic models generally don’t last long. Users of the AquaDancew reported better than expected longevity, but the construction is totally plastic. We wouldn’t recommend using this as a primary shower head. It’s a better choice for a secondary or guest bathroom, or for an apartment where you don’t want to invest in something better.

2. Yakult

This Yakult is a modern design with simple single-function flow. It’s mostly metal, and has no breakable moving parts. Previous buyers appreciated that it was easy to install and connect without any tools. They loved its strong flow and overall build quality. While it’s no frills, the Yakult is a good choice if you want a decent secondary handheld option for a very reasonable price.


It’s limited to 2.0 GPM. That means it’ll save you 1/5 of water usage compared to a typical product. However, that doesn’t mean it lacks pressure. Reviewers were very pleased to be able to save water without compromising their showers.

The body is made from metal, with a plastic spray face and rubber spray heads. It’s easy to clean, as the metal finish resists scuffs and stains. The spray heads are clog-resistant, and flexible so you can easily dislodge any buildup. Reviewers said it felt sturdier and more substantial than other handheld units they had used.

There’s a 5-year warranty. Reviewers also said that Yakult provided excellent customer service, answering questions and concerns promptly and helpfully.


There aren’t any spray options. This has one basic spray, which is full pressure and a wide spray area.

The hose and bracket are sold separately. You can also use this with any existing 1/2” setup.

3. KES LP 150 Bathroom

KES LP150 Bathroom Handheld Shower Head with Extra Long Hose and Bracket Holder

This KES handheld unit has a modern, simple look. It’s built from metal and ABS plastic, and reviewers said it’s capable of putting out a strong flow, while being ergonomic. They liked the spray pattern, and said it was very well made, especially considering the build quality of other models at this price.


It’s made from stainless steel. At this price point, nearly all other models are made from plastic. The housing is scratch- and stain-resistant, and will never rust. The spray nozzles are an easy-clean design, made from rubber.

It also comes with a stainless steel hose and bracket holder. The hose is extra long, at 79”.

Installation is simple. Everything you need is in the box, and the fittings are designed to work universally with any 1/2” connections.

The flow is strong and direct. Reviewers said it sprays in a nice, even area. They said that the strong flow made showering quick and invigorating. Several buyers also reported that the flow made cleaning the tub and giving pets baths very easy.


There’s only one spray setting, and there’s no flow adjuster on the handheld unit. You’ll have to use your shower’s main control knob to change the flow.

The connection from the shower head (male end) is made of plastic. You’ll want to be careful when hooking it up, as the threads will be less durable than metal equipment. Reviewers also said that the bracket was mostly plastic, and disappointingly cheap.

The warranty period is only 1 year. There’s a 15-day satisfaction guarantee.

4. High Sierra Handheld Shower Kit

High Sierra's Solid Metal Low Flow Handheld Shower Head Kit

This High Sierra set is one of our favorite new models on the market! High Sierra first grabbed our attention with their simple but superb fixed shower heads. They came up with an innovative and very effective design for saving water while somehow having better flow power and coverage than any of the big plumbing companies. This handheld set achieves the same thing! It’s a water-saving fixture, but it feels super strong and just as high-quality as the company’s other pieces!


It’s actually the best-made of our recommendations, even if it doesn’t look like the most premium fixture in the world. This is an all-metal model, and when they say “all-metal”, they really mean it! The fixture, handle, spray face, and even the hose are all made completely from metal. They feel solid, rugged, and ready for years of use.

It’s a water-saving design. This one is WaterSense-certified, and will save up to 40% of your water usage over traditional fixtures! It uses the same innovative nozzle design as their fixed models, which sprays water in a neat cone instead of through many tiny nozzles. It makes very efficient use of your water, and gives you consistent coverage through the spray area. We’re super impressed by how powerful this thing feels compared to the water it uses!

One side benefit of the single spray cone design is that it’s nearly impossible to clog! Minerals have no effect on this thing, and it stays very clean with no nooks or crannies for mold to build up.

It’s ergonomically as well as industrially-built! The rubberized grip on the metal handle is super tactile, and there’s a trickle valve to shut the water off while you switch positions

It comes with a holder bracket and hose.

It’s made entirely in the USA! For the quality of the equipment, the American manufacturing, and the long-term reliability of these pieces, the price point is a steal!

High Sierra fixtures come with 2-year warranties, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. The company also has a spectacular reputation for working with customers to make their fixtures work as well as possible. They’ll troubleshoot your system to max out your pressure, and they even do custom pieces for you if you have a specific need!


It only has one spray mode, and it’s fairly bare-bones when it comes to functionality. However, what it does do, it does very well. We think that anyone with pressure issues (or even those who simply prefer a firm hand shower) would do better to go with this than a more complicated model which doesn’t have as great a pressure boost inside.

5. Hansgrohe Raindance Allrounder AIR

Hansgrohe 28110821 Raindance Allrounder AIR, Brushed Nickel

More sophisticated and traditional than the High Sierra, if less rugged, this Hansgrohe fixture is an excellent choice for an upscale bathroom! It has a range of spray functions, and is almost infinitely adjustable as you use it.

It’s our top recommendation for just a hand shower head and hose setup. Unless you’re going to redo everything including a handrail, we think this is the best you can do! The Hansgrohe has superb functionality and build quality in one package.


It feels deluxe to use. That’s mostly because at 2.5 GPM, it provides a more substantial flow than the High Sierra. This thing has a nearly 6″ spray face and feels a bit more like a rainshower than your average hand shower attachment.

When it’s overhead, it feels as good as the standard Raindance model made by Hansgrohe, which comes in at the top of our recommendations in the rain shower department. When it’s angled to be a back massager, or used in hand, it feels both strong and relaxing at the same time!

The sprayface wipes clean and dislodges mineral buildup easily, so most people shouldn’t have any issues with clogs or jammed nodes. The easy to clean nodes are made from a soft silicone, which releases mineral buildup when it’s flexed. So, while you’re wiping across the face, you’re also dislodging any material in the nodes!

This one also feels deluxe because of the variety of options you get while you use it! It has three different spray modes, and they all boost flow with aeration. There’s a standard flow, a supercharged flow, and a spinning pattern flow which feels great as a massage!

The handle/shower head attachment is also completely adjustable. It pivots in two places, with a lock that clicks by degrees, so you can pivot it to provide a back massage, overhead shower, or any angle in between! The range of adjustments makes this one work great for people of different heights.

Even though it’s not completely made from metal, it feels substantial and durable. Hansgrohe fixtures are also covered by a lifetime warranty.

It’s ADA compliant.


Since it uses traditional spray nodes, it’ll be affected by water composition more than High Sierra’s design. If you have particularly hard water, you might have to wipe the spray face to clean the nodes fairly often.

It’s almost 5 times the price of the High Sierra. This is one of the most expensive units out there, so it’s definitely not for those shopping on a budget.

It also uses 40% more water, so you’ll see an increase on your water bill if you’ve been using water-saving fixtures.

6. Delta Universal Slide, Stainless Steel

Delta Faucet 51508-RB Slide Bar Hand Shower, Venetian Bronze

This is a handheld model that can be your primary shower head and much more. It’s a complete set, including the shower head, hose, and sliding metal holder bar. Everything’s made from metal parts and guaranteed for a lifetime of use. Previous buyers were especially impressed by the quality of the hose and handle, which are usually weak points. This one’s all rock solid!


The set includes everything you need to refit your shower. The handheld unit has seven different flow settings. It’s designed to work overhead as well as in your hand. There’s also an adjustable, sliding wall bar. You’ll be able to change the height of the shower head with the twist of a knob.

The bar is 29”, so you’ll be able to fit it to almost anybody. It’s long enough to accommodate both taller and shorter people, and is also a good choice for showers with benches or seats.

It’d be a great solution for an older person or a household with children. Reviewers praised its versatility, saying that it’s easy to adjust, and stays where you leave it without slipping.

It meets 2.5 GPM flow rate requirements without sacrificing power. The flow is strong enough to work as an overhead shower, but controllable enough for use as a massaging head.

Aside from the rubber spray nozzles, it’s all metal. Stainless steel construction makes it lighter than nickel or bronze. It’s also very easy to maintain. Stainless steel is inherently resistant to corrosion or scratching.

Reviewers complimented the workmanship and build quality. They said it felt much more reassuring than cheap options they’d seen in hardware stores and from other brands online. They said that the sturdy quality made this one well worth the extra cost.


Reviewers said that the provided mounting screws are inadequate for holding the slide bar in the wall. They recommended buying stronger metal screws separately.

It’s expensive. However, you’re getting an all-metal, multi-function shower head, with everything you need to replace your current shower setup. If you install this model, it can serve as a hand unit as well as a primary overhead shower. High-end overhead shower heads can cost this much by themselves, without mounting equipment.


Now that you’ve seen our top recommendations for handheld shower heads, you should have a better idea of which one is right for you. If one of these models strikes your fancy, feel free to click through to the product page to read more about it!

Buying Guide


You’ll want to consider how you’ll be using your new handheld shower head. If you’ll be using it as your primary overhead shower, and taking it out of the bracket for the occasional rinse, you might go for a higher-end model.

You’ll want at least one wide spray option, and a rinse function. Handheld models for use as a primary shower head are shaped to fit in an overhead bracket as well as in your hand. These generally have multiple spray settings, and will have stronger flow.

Some handheld models are designed to be used only in conjunction with a main overhead shower head. They’ll be meant for a handheld bracket at the side of the tub. They generally have one or two spray settings. These are also good for rinsing hair when you’re taking a bath, or washing. However, their more focused spray patterns rules out using them as an overhead unit.

On the other hand, if you want a handheld option for occasional use, but will have a separate, dedicated overhead fixture, you don’t need quite as expensive or versatile a hand shower.

If you’ll be washing pets or cleaning the tub, you’ll want something a bit more heavy-duty. Look for metal construction, and durable plastic sprayfaces. You might not think washing a pet will make a huge difference, but just see how long a plastic hose lasts with Fido around!

For washing kids, dogs, and cleaning the tub, you’ll need more range than if you were showering by yourself. If you need more flexibility, look for a longer hose. Learn more about buying the right shower hose. Hoses usually range from 4-8 feet, and come in a wide variety of materials. They’re often sold separately from handheld shower heads, so you’ll be able to choose the length when you buy your setup. It’s a good idea to look for brackets at the same time. After all, you want to be able to store your hose conveniently!

Budget Vs. Quality:

We found that handheld models under $30 tended to have problems with longevity. We’ve chosen 2 in that price range, for buyers on a stricter budget. They’re better than other budget models, and have solid reports of durability from online reviewers, but we wouldn’t recommend them for your main shower head. They’re certainly up to being a secondary shower head, or for outfitting a guest bathroom.

Above $50, you can expect to find more metal parts and better hoses. While spray heads are usually made of metal, you can expect metal housing and fittings. There’ll also be easy-clean spray< heads, and stain/corrosion-resistant finishes. Look for improved ergonomics and multiple spray settings.

Hoses tend to be a weak spot of handheld shower systems. Sometimes, it’ll make sense to opt for a more expensive shower head set because of an improved hose. But it could also be cheaper to simply buy a hose separately.

The same goes for the holding bracket. Quite a few brackets aren’t built well, even in higher-end shower head sets. Shop with the shower head in mind first, and then compare the price of buying the set with the cost of buying pieces separately.

What’s Next?

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