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Man holding a wine glassWe all live busy lives, and whether you have been at work, caring for family or trying to fit in a thousand little tasks, when evening comes around, all you want to do is unwind and de-stress. At the end of a stressful day, there is nothing more pleasurable than stepping into a warm bath or under a running shower and allowing all of your worries to wash away. Water is well known for its relaxing properties and its ability to release tension from the muscles so that we can sleep better. Our busy modern lives are filled with stress, and what better way to unwind in the evening than by finding the time to relax in the water?

While a bath or shower is wonderfully relaxing, you can make it even more relaxing by using the perfect shower gel. There are countless options to choose from, with foamy bath gels and fragrant shower gels stacked high on the supermarket shelves, all promising ideal relaxation. The best possible options are those which are aromatherapeutic, as they contain natural essences like clove, jasmine and lavender essential oils together with other scents and extracts that are known to promote relaxation and relieve the stresses of the mind and body.

When it comes to choosing a relaxing shower or bath gel, here are some of the best products on the market that will make your wash even more heavenly.

Best Relaxing & Natural Shower Gels Reviews

  • Kiehl’s Lavender Foaming-Relaxing Bath
  • Aromachologie Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel by L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE
  • Vitabath Bath And Shower Gel, Green Tea And Sage
  • Anti-Stress Woodland Pine And Ginseng Bath And Shower Gel By Kiss My Face

Kiehl’s Lavender Foaming-Relaxing Bath

Kiehl's Lavender Foaming-Relaxing Bath

This bath gel is extremely popular thanks to its relaxing and de-stressing properties. This foaming liquid contains sea salt, lavender and aloe for a rich and smoothing scent to accompany your shower or bath. The ingredients used in making this product condition and moisturize the skin to keep it in the best possible condition and when you add just 2 or 3 capfuls to your shower or running water in your bath, the glycerin, lavender, sea salt and aloe vera all open up to envelop you and stimulate your senses. The muscles will be relaxed by this liquid, helping to promote restful and healing sleep.

Aromachologie Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel by L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE

Aromachologie Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel by L'OCCITANE EN PROVENCE

L’Occitane is famous for its high quality products that are made from distilled essential oils, and this relaxing bath and shower gel is not a disappointment. Containing plant extracts, this bath gel combines essential oils with natural scents to promote peace in body and in mind. The gel becomes a delicate cleansing foam which cleans without causing any dryness and the scent produced is delightful, with the perfect bed of woody and floral scents for aromatic relaxation.

Vitabath Bath And Shower Gel, Green Tea And Sage

Vitabath Bath And Shower Gel, Green Tea And Sage

This powerful bath and shower gel from Vitabath offers a completely different kind of relaxation experience. The effect is a zen-like experience generated by the sage’s power to cleanse the soul and green tea’s relaxing aroma. The resulting lather is free of all parabens and is luxuriously foamy, featuring premium ingredients such as coffee, goji, acai, noni, green tea, pomegranate, vitamins A, B3, E and C, Mangosteen and Provitamin B5 as well as nutrients that are known to condition the skin. This relaxing and enriching shower and bath gel has a wonderful aroma which invigorates and stimulates.

Anti-Stress Woodland Pine And Ginseng Bath And Shower Gel By Kiss My Face

Anti-Stress Woodland Pine And Ginseng Bath And Shower Gel By Kiss My Face

This popular bath and shower gel from Kiss My Face is full of ingredients which are known for their stress busting properties. Its delightful aroma contains scents of ginseng and woodland pine for a woodsy and aromatic ambience in your bathroom. The ingredients are all pH balanced for the good of your skin, and are completely biodegradable for eco-friendliness. As the all botanical ingredients sooth your body, the gel will help the stress to leave your mind, leaving it peaceful and purified.

This product features natural cleansers based on plant derived ingredients, and the olive oil and aloe provide optimal moisturizing properties to ensure the skin remains flawless. As this gel has not been tested on any animals, it is vegan and vegetarian safe, and it contains no phthalates, parabens, SLS or artificial fragrances, so you can rest assured of its natural benefits.

Relaxation Shower Gel By Forever Living

This fragrant shower gel from Forever Living is ideal for both bathing and showering. It contains a mix of essential oils and aloe vera together with zesty fruit extracts including cucumber, bergamot orange and lavender, and its moisturizing properties offer a relaxing scent together with a soothing sensation on the skin. Skin will feel silky smooth after showering or bathing with this product, and your body and your senses will adore the mix of scents offered by this fragrant gel.

Your stress will melt away when you use this product and you will it unwinding after a stressful day much easier, with restful sleep being promoted by its lavender aroma. This shower gel is perfect for use by everyone since it has not only been certified as being Kosher, but it has also been given an Islamic Seal of approval. It has also received certification from the International Aloe Science Council.

No matter how long or hard your day has been, there is nothing that getting into a warm bath or shower won’t help. If you want to enjoy the most relaxing experience possible, one of these delightful, stress-busting shower gels is the ideal addition to your bathroom. When you use one of these wonderful products, you’ll feel relaxed and peaceful, and you’ll find it easier than ever to wind down so that you can enjoy a full night of restful, health promoting sleep.

These shower gels can help you to enjoy better evenings and better mornings thanks to their rest-giving properties. For an even better result, pair your new shower gel with a powerful, high quality shower head and you’ll enjoy an amazing showering experience. You can find out more about the best shower heads on the market today when you visit