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For this guide, we’ve looked at dozens of top-selling rain shower heads, and compared them based on function, price, durability, and user satisfaction.! We’ve selected a few high-quality options to make your shopping easier. They come in a range of sizes and finishes to suit your specific tastes.

Below, you’ll find our full reviews for each shower head. We’ve broken down the key features of each one, and summarized what buyers are saying about these models.

Keep reading to check out our top three choices and find the right rain shower head for you!

KES Brushed NickelKOHLER ForteHansgrohe Raindance Air
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Rain shower heads are designed to feel just like standing in a warm downpour. What makes them different? They use gravitational flow instead of a pressurized head.

They’re essentially a rain-can design with a constant, even stream of warm water! They’re often flatter and wider in design than traditional shower heads, and are more elegant in appearance.

We love rain shower heads because they provide an even, smooth flow with wider coverage than a pressurized head. Because they’re gentler, the individual droplets don’t have a stinging or harsh feel to them. Instead, they feel full, comforting, and relaxing. It’s easy to see why lots of people have come to prefer the rain shower experience over traditional shower heads.

As they’ve become more popular, more and more companies have offered their own rain shower heads. While they might look fairly similar, there’s quite a range of price and quality on the market. How do you know which one is right for you?

Read our reviews, of course! We’ll talk you through all your options, from standard rain shower designs to some new models with a bit of pressure boost for people with weaker supply who still want to enjoy the rain shower sensation!

Best Rain Shower Head Reviews

  • KES J201-2, Brushed NickelHansgrohe 27493001 12-Inch Raindance S 300 AIR Shower Head, Chrome
  • KES Brushed Bronze
  • Kohler Forte, Brushed Nickel
  • Delta RP50841
  • American Standard 10″
  • Hansgrohe Raindance

1. KES J201-2, Brushed Nickel

KES J203 ALL METAL 8-Inch Shower Head Fixed Mount Rainfall Style Stainless Steel, Brushed Nickel

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Our top choice for buyers on a budget is made by KES, a newer company specializing in simple, sturdy shower equipment at remarkably low prices. This basic rain shower head has an 8” spray width, and offers stainless steel and ABS plastic construction. It’s incredibly inexpensive, especially considering how well-built it is. We think it performs far, far above its pricepoint!


The mostly metal construction is a rarity at this price point. We’re recommending the brushed nickel version, which is priced a little bit more than the chrome option. KES has used stainless steel for the outer construction, and ABS plastic for the spray face. Both are stain- and corrosion-resistant.

Reviewers were extremely pleased with the quality of the construction and feel of the hardware. Most shower heads at this price range use plastic components and joints, even if the head itself is metal. KES has given this shower head equipment that can be purchased cheaper than other metal showerheads.

There’s an internal ball joint which allows you to swivel this shower head to any number of angles. It’s also made of metal, so you won’t have to worry about it wearing down over time.

This shower head uses an Instant Clean construction on the spray face. You’ll be able to wipe any debris without scrubbing or using cleaners. The spray heads are rubber, and are easy to keep clog-free. Reviewers said it’s simple–just squeeze the spray head to loosen any mineral deposits.

The result is a pure and simple rain shower, with gravitational flow and wide coverage. Previous buyers said the fixture gave them wide, even pressure with no clogs or drippy holes.


The warranty is pretty short. Reviewers didn’t have any problems with durability, but KES only rovides a 15-day satisfaction guarantee, and a 1-year parts warranty.

2. KES, Oiled Bronze

KES J203-7 ALL METAL 8-Inch Shower Head Fixed Mount Rainfall Style Stainless Steel, Oil Rubbed Bronze

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This 8” rain shower head from KES provides all-metal construction with a variety of finishes to match most decor styles. It’s an inexpensive but reliable choice for upgrading your shower experience without breaking the bank. Previous buyers loved the inexpensive bronze material, which would normally be much more expensive with name brand fixtures. They also loved the strong flow, which gives a full rain experience!


It’s an all-metal shower head for the price of a plastic model. The spray head comes in a brushed bronze or nickel finish, and all the parts are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is lower-maintenance than bronze, and is also lighter (this shower head weighs 2 pounds). Reviewers were very pleased with the build quality. They said that there’s no leakage, and that it was reassuringly sturdy–especially for the price. It’s heavy-duty, and it feels it!

The low-profile design is perfect if you’re a taller person. The spray pattern is even and full. Reviewers said it put out a surprising amount of water. The nozzles are an easy-clean rubber, and reviewers said they’re bendable enough to loosen any calcium deposits which might cause clogs.

It’s easy to install. Everything you need is in the box, including plumber’s tape. The connector features a metal swivel ball, so you can fit this shower head at any angle. It’s a standard half-inch connection, and even the fittings are made from stainless steel.

The price is a huge plus. You’re getting a very high-quality shower head for the price of plastic, cheap options. It’s not premium, and there aren’t any extra features, but it’s better than other budget options.


The warranty is only for one year, after an initial 15-day return period.

3. KOHLER Forte, Brushed Nickel

Kohler K-45123-BN Alteo Single-Function Katalyst Showerhead, Vibrant Brushed Nickel

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KOHLER’s best selling shower head is a single-function rain shower with added aeration power. It’s a narrower design which uses a conical head to increase water pressure while maintaining the feel of a rain shower.


The Forte also uses air induction to amplify flow. As the water flows through pressurizing channels, the shower head adds 2 liters of air per minute. It’ll feel fuller and stronger than other rain shower heads that work by gravity alone. Plus, KOHLER has integrated proprietary technology to control heat loss. Reviewers loved the results, saying that the Forte produced both pressure and spread, in a consistent cone.

The optimized sprayface uses a special nozzle arrangement. It’s designed to reduce overspray and focus the water on your body. It’s only 5” wide, but it provides a conical spray which covers the whole body.

Reviewers complimented the larger drops and stronger flow. They said that it felt like a gentle massage, with firm but gentle skin contact. They said it was very relaxing without ever feeling anemic.

The MasterClean sprayface wipes clear without cleaners or scrubbing. The nozzles are designed to stay clear of clogs and blockages, and surface deposits come off with a simple wipe across. Reviewers said it’s simple to maintain, and stays beautiful for years without tarnish or spots.

It’s more elegant than other “rain can” shower heads, without seeming too decorative.

KOHLER provides a lifetime warranty.


It’s just the shower head. You don’t get the flange or arm, but the head is designed to work with any 1/2” equipment. KOHLER also sells matching arm/flange sets.

Buyers who bought the chrome model were disappointed in the cheap-feeling plastic construction. However, the nickel or brass finishes use plastic only in the sprayface. The outer housing and internal parts are all-metal.

4. Delta

Delta RP50841 Single Setting Overhead Showerhead, Chrome

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This square shower head from Delta has a more modern, industrial look than our other choices. It’s a wide, clog-resistant 10” sprayface with a stainless steel body. We like it because it has two spray models, for rain fall and for a more powerful, central spray. It’s an excellent choice for modern bathrooms where minimalist fixtures won’t cut it.


The shower head assembly is built of stainless steel. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and won’t develop spots or stains. Reviewers loved the simple design. And it’s light–especially for a larger shower head. The whole thing weighs in at just 1.6 pounds.

It’s made in America and designed to last. The shower head also comes with a lifetime warranty for function and finish. Reviewers felt assured by the sturdiness of the head and fittings. They wrote that while the stainless steel option cost them a fair bit more than the chrome, the increase in sturdiness and longevity was worth the extra money.

It’s easy to install. Most reviewers were able to set everything up themselves with some plumber’s tape. It’s a true rain shower in terms of flow and feel. Because it’s an overhead design, there’s no induction or aeration. This means it’ll have one of the gentlest sensations of these options. Plus, it’s a wide head. You’ll be fully immersed in the rain shower effect.

The spray face uses rubber nozzles, which are meant to be easy-clean. They wipe free of any deposits or debris.

The 144 spray nozzles are evenly spaced, giving you a neat square of coverage. And because the flow isn’t aerated, it won’t have any overspray or stray water.


It won’t boost flow. Some reviewers were disappointed in the pressure. This won’t be a good choice if you’re running off a well or other lower-pressure supply. With that said, some reviewers reported decent function on relatively low pressure.

It doesn’t come with a flange or arm. You’ll have to make sure you’ve got an L-shaped arm, or an overhead installation, as this shower head isn’t designed to work at an angle.

5. American Standard

American Standard 1660.683.295 10-Inch Modern Rain Easy Clean Showerhead, Satin Nickel

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This 10” shower head features a modern, minimalist design with sturdy construction and strong flow. Previous buyers say the resulting shower is both wide and powerful. It’s easy to install, easy to clean, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.


The body is made of satin nickel, and the spray heads are rubber. It’ll match most metal finishes. Plus, the nickel finish is extra resistant to scratches, spots and tarnishes. Reviewers were pleased that the construction felt sturdy and dependable.

The circular head uses 144 spray heads to provide full, even coverage. At 10”, it’s wide enough for you to be completely under the water. And reviewers said the size and resulting look were visually impressive.

The flow is gentle and steady. As a pure rain shower head, it uses only gravity to create the flow. The lack of aeration prevents any overspray or splatter, and cuts down on noise. Reviewers also found that the flat design made temperature adjustments much quicker. This one is perfect if you want a nice quiet, gentle shower.

Even though it’s a large head, it still conforms to a 2.5 GPM usage rate. Reviewers were surprised to find that their water bills hadn’t gone up.

It’s very low-maintenance. Previous buyers said that it rarely needed cleaning–especially in homes with water softeners. Reviewers agree: it’s worth every penny. They said that in terms of design, functionality, and fit and finish, it was an outstanding fixture.


Some reviewers were disappointed to find that the flow won’t work at an angle. Again, most rain shower heads are designed to be set up overhead. A couple of buyers reported that their water pressure simply wasn’t strong enough for this shower head. It’s not a good choice for well-supplied homes.

6. Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe 27493001 12-Inch Raindance S 300 AIR Shower Head, Chrome

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This extra-large version of the Raindance is our recommendation for the ultimate rain shower head. It’s made by Hansgrohe, an up-and-coming German brand with a great reputation for fashionable designs that are built to last. This model uses a special jet system to make its low water usage feel much, much fuller than it actually is. Previous buyers said it looks fantastic, and it cleans very easily. It’s all-metal, and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Reviewers raved about the look of the head. Its simple design and finish coordinates with lots of bathroom looks, and its sheer size feels impressive. It’s designed to provide maximum flow and coverage. With 180 no-clog channels, you’ll feel completely immersed in your shower. Previous buyers said it felt like standing in a storm-only without getting cold. And thanks to AirFlow technology, it won’t exceed the 2.5 GPM usage limit.

Hansgrohe uses proprietary technology to reduce overspray from the aeration. They’ve also integrated the induction into the flow channels themselves. The result is an air-boosted flow that doesn’t feel as prickly as traditional models.

It’s built to last. The construction is all-metal, with a stain-resistant nickel finish. It’s also covered by a lifetime warranty.

Hansgrohe advertises this shower head as having a “self-cleaning” system. The spray nozzles are clog-resistant rubber, and the interior channel layout pushes any mineral debris out to the surface. The spray face wipes clean easily without soap or scrubbing.

Reviewers also appreciated Hansgrohe’s exceptional customer service. They said the company provided helpful advice during installation, and answered questions promptly.


The air induction won’t make up for lower pressure. Some reviewers thought this shower head would feel like a wider version of a traditional-pressure head, and were disappointed.

It’s quite heavy. Some reviewers recommended reinforcing the framing behind the support arm. It’s expensive. Most buyers agreed that you get what you pay for, but it’s definitely an investment.


Which shower head is right for you? If you’re trying a rain shower head for the first time, we’d recommend one of the less expensive options.

The nickel model from KES is a great shower head for a second bathroom, or a trial run of the rain shower experience.It won’t last forever, but it gives you the full effect for a very reasonable price.

If you’re willing to spend slightly more money, the KES brass model is solid enough to be a permanent fixture. It’s a bit costlier than the nickel version, but still miles below the price of big brand models.

With that said, it’s very simple, and doesn’t have any extra features. If you’re a committed fan of rain shower heads, you might want to think about investing in one of our larger, more sophisticated selections. The KES is also a poor choice for conserving water, or for homes with limited supplies, since it has a higher usage rate than our more expensive recommendations.

If you want a rain shower with a bit of a boost, the KOHLER Forte and Hansgrohe Raindance provide aeration and a bit stronger pressure. We think they’re fairly comparable in terms of quality, but the Raindance feels more luxurious, and it has more flow patterns to choose from. If you like to keep it simple, stick with the Kohler!

If you want a pure rain shower experience, and have decent water pressure in your home, the Delta and American Standard models provide wide, full coverage in a durable design. These two aren’t worlds apart in terms of quality, so your choice between the two will be based mainly on looks. Choose the one that looks best in your space! We think both fixtures are winners for the long haul.


Our selections in this guide span a wide range of rain shower heads. They’ll suit a variety of needs and tastes. However, some people just don’t care for the rain shower experience. If you’re one of those folks, and are sharing a bathroom with someone who is after one of these fixtures, you could try to compromise  a multi-setting shower head! We’ve got a few crossover options for you to explore on our main page.

Buying Guide

Your Taste:

Rain showers are best suited to people who want a gentle, even spray. As their name suggests,  these fixtures put out more of a dripping, pouring pattern than a pounding spray.

This doesn’t necessarily mean your showers will take longer, though! The wide coverage makes rinsing and washing just as easy as a traditional shower head, because your whole body can be under the water at once.

With that said, rain showers are inherently gentler than traditional shower heads. You can read on more tips on how to choose a rain shower head.

Most of our selections are pure rain showers. They’re fed by gravity, and will only be as strong as your water pressure allows. These are good choices if you like gentler, softer showers. They also work best in homes with ample water pressure and plenty of hot water supply.

A few of our choices have fuller pressure due to air induction designs. These models are good choices for homes with less impressive water pressure, or if you like a bit more power from your shower flow!

As you shop, decide whether you want a “traditional” rain can experience, or something with more power or variety.

Your House:

Many rain shower heads are designed to work only when installed overhead at a level angle. Some have enough pressure to work at a tilt, but in many cases this compromises the spray area. At angles, all the different spray channels will run together into one stream, defeating the whole point!

Make sure you double check on individual models to see what kind of installation they require! In most cases, plan to install your fixture straight overhead.

Some rain shower heads have swiveling ball joints in the neck. This can allow them to be used with angled arms and flanges. However, some will require an L-bracket or overhead supply.

When you’re checking your bath fittings, be sure to check that your existing brackets can handle the weight of your new shower head. Some wider rain shower heads can run up to 4 pounds!


As you can see from our selections, you won’t have to break the bank for a decent rain shower head. There are models available that will provide a solid shower experience with reasonable durability.

If you’re considering a higher-end shower head, expect more metal parts and better construction. Look for proprietary technology to enhance flow power, maximize spray, and simplify cleaning. More expensive heads will also come with longer warranty periods (usually lifetime warranties).

What’s Next?

We hope you’ve seen some rain shower heads that will be a great fit for your home. If you haven’t, try looking through our other review articles. We’ve looked at all sorts of shower heads, from single-function models to crossover models and heads with multiple spray options. Visit other pages to check out more options.