How to Extend the Lifespan of Showerheads

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A showerhead can make or break your shower. Once you have found the correct flow rate and shower pattern you want to make that showerhead last as long as possible. The key is in how you clean your showerhead.

All water contains minerals to some degree. Hard water contains more minerals than soft water and so can cause more damage. The damage occurs as a result of mineral deposits in and around the nozzles of the showerhead. These deposits block the nozzles or cause the metal of the showerhead to deteriorate to the point where it develops holes or leaks.

The mineral deposits can be effectively cleaned by a soak in a vinegar solution on a regular basis. Simply remove the showerhead from the plumbing of your shower and place it in a vinegar solution of about six percent strength. Leave the showerhead to soak overnight. The vinegar reacts with the mineral deposits and effectively dissolves them while leaving the metal of the showerhead intact.

Another factor to consider is the quality of the showerhead. A better quality, and often more expensive, showerhead will last longer to begin with and may actually provide better value for money in the long run though the initial outlay is more costly. In effect, you can extend the life of your showerhead simply by spending a little more to begin with and getting one that is good quality.

The material of the showerhead can also have an impact on its lifespan. For example, chrome is less likely to tarnish or corrode than even stainless steel. It is also possible to purchase plastic showerheads instead of the more traditional metal. Plastic is unlikely to corrode but may become brittle with age.

In order to get the most out of your showerhead and extend its life beyond the expectations of the manufacturers warranty make sure that the mineral deposits are cleared on a regular basis and that you start with a good quality showerhead in the first place.