Why Choose A Remote Controlled Shower?

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man calling on cellphoneIn recent years, bathroom design has undergone a significant period of advancement, with innovative technology making its entrance into our washrooms.

There’s no denying that over the last century, bathrooms have come a long way, from the earliest indoor facilities with basic washing facilities and a functional toilet to today’s modern and stylish spaces that enable us to not only stay clean and hygienic, but also to enjoy ourselves while doing it. From relaxing whirlpool baths to underfloor heating, our bathrooms have become more technologically advanced than ever, giving us even more showering and bathing pleasure. Now, the latest development to come to the fore is the remote controlled shower which has risen to popularity over the last few years.

What Is A Digital Shower?

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A digital shower, or remote controlled shower, is the latest innovation in showering technology. Unlike a conventional shower, a digital version is remotely operated through the use of a small processing box. It is extremely simple to install,making it one of the best possible options when choosing a new shower. Only a thin data cable connects the processing box and the shower’s control system and this allows hot and cold water to be thermostatically blended to find the optimal temperature for the person using the shower.

The Features Of Digital Showers

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Digital showers boast a number of useful features that make the showering experience not only more efficient but also more enjoyable. For example, one of the best features is the ability to pause the flow of water for a couple of minutes without needing to reset the controls.

This is particularly handy when brushing your teeth, shaving your legs or shampooing your hair while remaining in the shower. This helps you to manage time more efficiently while conserving water and energy to save your money on your household bills. Another feature which enables you to control your time in a more efficient way is by choosing a pre-determined amount of time to spend in your bathroom.

Many of these remote control showers have an automatic cut off feature which can be set to switch the shower off once your chosen period of time has expired. Not only will this help you to avoid being late through inadvertently staying too long in the shower, but you will also be able to enjoy lower water and energy bills through limiting your use of resources.

Why Choose A Remote Controlled Shower?

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There are numerous reasons why a digital shower is an excellent purchase for every householder.

  • Choosing a remote control shower will enable you to save energy, water and time just by adjusting the memory settings in order to minimize the amount of time you spend running the water and the temperature that you can use.
  • Some digital shower models also offer a digital bath fill option for extra convenience.
  • Digital showers are very safe to use and are reliable. They are also perfect for use in all kinds of bathroom and are suited to any kind of user.
  • Remote controlled showers feature simple, user-friendly single touch button controls as well as an easy to read LED display which alerts the user when the shower has reached its chosen temperature. It is also simple and quick to adjust the settings to suit the user’s individual preferences. These adjustments can be made from any location in the room, which means that the control does not need to be installed in the enclosure itself, but instead could be placed by the bathroom’s door or at a more convenient height. As the digital processor can be located as far as 10 meters from the remote control unit, you have plenty of options for placing the system.
  • The wireless remote control option allows the user to operate the flow of water from their shower even when they are on the other side of the bathroom, or even in a completely different room of the home.
  • Some models have a current diverter which allows the user to switch off and on between the shower head and bath fill, or even between several different shower heads.
  • An Eco setting is often available to help you save the environment and cut your bills.
  • Remote control showers are functional and stylish, complementing the d├ęcor of virtually all bathrooms, whether traditionally or contemporarily furnished and decorated. Their minimalistic look and attractive styling looks great in any space.
  • Remote controlled showers are supplied with a range of different finishes to complement any room, and which are resistant to corrosion for better durability and a longer lifespan. This also reduces the amount of ongoing maintenance required.

Best Digital Showers

When it comes to the top brands of digital shower, one of the best is Aqualisa. The company that first launched the concept of the remote controlled shower in 2001, Aqualisa developed the wireless remote technology that has enabled showering to be a much more pleasant and advanced experience. Their Infinia smart shower is extremely customizable and has a slim design that looks wonderful in any space while their Viso model is affordable, yet incorporates modern technology.

Meanwhile, the Mira brand gives its customers the ultimate control in their shower, with a wide range of installation options, control units, shower heads and precise customization. Their pre-heating system ensures that the water is at the perfect temperature from the moment you step in and they even offer the ability to control your water temperature from a mobile app.
By purchasing a remote control shower unit, your bathing experience will be greatly enhanced and improved.

When installed properly, digital showers are modern, stylish and pleasurable to use, with the added benefit that they help to conserve energy and save you money on your household bills. If you need some help and advice in choosing between different shower heads, you should read our Best Shower Head Reviews which will help you to make an informed purchasing decision.